1. In what ways can I place my order from Koumarelis Fabrics?
2. How can I place my order through your online store?
  • Choose the products and the quantity that interests you.
  • Add them to the Shopping Cart.
  • Complete your order as a guest (without registration) or create a Free Account.
  • Enter the shipping details of your order.
  • Choose the payment method you want.
  • Check your order and click "Complete order".

If you followed the above procedure correctly, you will see the message of the successful order and you will receive an email with your full order and all its details in the email you stated.

3. Is there a minimum order amount?

  • No, there is no minimum order amount.

4. What is the minimum amount of fabric cutting?

  • The minimum amount of fabric cutting is 0.50 points (half a meter).
5. Can I change the width of the fabric?
  • No, the width of the fabrics remains constant. For example, if you select 1 meter of a fabric where the width is 1. 50 metres, you will receive 1 x 1. 50 and so on.
6. Can I get more than one piece of cape fabric?
  • Yes, if for example, you need 2 pieces of 1 meter in some fabric, you can order 2 meters and in the notes let us know that you want it cut into 2 pieces of 1 meter, etc.
    7. The VAT is included in the listed prices of the products in the online store?
      • The VAT of the products is included in the final listed price.
      8. How can I find out about the characteristics, composition, and care of the product?
      • The characteristics, composition, and care of each product are detailed on the product page under the description and quantity selection.

      9. Why does the Koumarelis Fabrics company logo appear on the photos of the products?
      • The logo of the company Yfasmatakoumarelis Koumarelis appears on all photos of the products of the online store yfasmatakoumarelis.gr to avoid theft of the photo. In reality, the logo does not appear on the products, but only on the photos of yfasmatakoumarelis.gr, which is the property of yfasmatakoumarelis.gr. Here you can read further about the copyright.
      10. What happens when I place an order for an On Stock product and receive an email that the quantity of the product I have selected is not sufficient in stock?
      • If you place an order on a product that is listed as On Stock and receive an email that: ''the quantity of the product you have selected is not sufficient in stock'', it means that this is a standard product, which is constantly being replenished in our warehouse. Unless unexpectedly, the product is again available in stock within 1 to 2 working days after it is exhausted. If you place the order and the product is out of stock, we will inform you that there is not enough in stock and when a new delivery is expected. Once we receive it, the order is shipped immediately.
      11. What happens if the product I want to order is Unavailable or the measures I need are not sufficient?
      • If a product is Unavailable or the measures you need are not sufficient, you can contact us by phone at 2810333559 or email info@yfasmatakoumarelis.gr so that we can inform you about the availability. If the delivery is going to be delayed long enough or there is no longer availability at the supplier, we will inform you immediately. If the delay exceeds 5 working days, the order remains pending and we will contact you about the expected time of product availability, replacement, or cancellation of the order.
      12. What happens if I order a Stock product, but am informed that the quantity of the product I have chosen is not sufficient in stock and has been sold out by the supplier?
      • If you place an order on a product that is shown as readily available and are informed that the quantity of the product you have selected is not sufficient in stock as the system has not had time to update it and the supplier has sold out the product, you can proceed to purchase the remaining quantity, replace the product or cancel the order. 
      13. How can I pay for my order?
      • Cash on delivery.
      • Credit / Debit Card Payment.
      • Deposit or Transfer to a bank account.
      • Payment in our store.

      For more information on payment methods, click here

      14. How can I receive my order?
      • With free pick-up from our physical store on the street Argyraki 14  in Heraklion, Crete.
      • Via courier company ELTA Courier.
      • Through a transport company of your choice.

      For more information on shipping methods and charges, click here

      15. Is it possible to return my order?

      • You have the right to return all or part of the order within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt if it meets the conditions of the return policy of yfasmatakoumarelis.gr.

      For more information on the product return policy, click here

      16. Is it possible to cancel my order?

      • You have the right to cancel the entire order or part of it if the stage at which it is allowed.

      For more information on your order cancellation policy, click here

      17. Can I add a product to the order I just placed?

      • If you have completed your order and you want to add another product, you should place a second order with the product you want and in the comments ask to join the orders by indicating the number of the previous order.
      18. How can I track the progress of my order?
      • Upon completion of your order in our online store, you will receive an email with your full order and all its details in the email you stated.
      • You will also receive emails about the status in which it is: processed, paid, sent, completed, or canceled.
      • Upon completion of the delivery of the order to ELTA Courier, we send you an email with the tracking number of your parcel, in order to monitor its progress on its site ELTA Courier or in the respective carrier of your choice.
      19. In case there is a problem with my order, where can I go?
      • In case you have a problem with your order, you should contact by phone at 2810333559 or send an email to info@yfasmatakoumarelis.gr  indicating the order number, your name, and the problem you are facing.


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